Northwest Neurological offers quality care and research leadership for patients with neurological conditions.

The providers at Northwest Neurological are dedicated to developing new treatments for neurological disorders. Dr. Greeley and Dr. Aldred have over 29 years of combined experience conducting clinical trials for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dystonia, movement disorders, migraine, stroke, and many other conditions. We partner with government agencies and pharmaceutical groups to bring cutting edge research for these conditions to Spokane and the Inland Northwest.

Clinical Trials

  • We co-partner with Principle Research Solutions, an organization that provides all aspects of clinical trial management from start to finish. Principle Research Solutions offers all the necessary elements required to run successful clinical research trials including: the necessary staff to effectively execute the protocol, regulatory document submission and compliance, contract and budget negotiation, maintenance of accurate financial records for each study, and post study document storage/archival.

Phone: (509) 435-3379
820 S McClellan St, Spokane, WA 99204

  • Northwest Neurological currently participates in the clinical trials listed below. If you (or someone you know) have any of the following conditions and/or an interest in participating in a clinical research trial and would like more information, please contact our research partners Premier Clinical Research.

Phone: (509) 343-3710
324 S. Sherman St., Suite A2, Spokane, WA 99202

  • To learn about the research Dr. Greeley is engaged in and research-related events, please visit Spokane Neuro Research.

Alzheimer’s Disease


Parkinson’s Disease



Research Collaboration

Memory in Older Adulthood and Parkinson’s Disease Research Program

Northwest Neurological is proud to collaborate with researchers at Washington State University on their Memory in Older Adulthood Parkinson’s Disease Research Program. Researchers are examining different types of cognitive and memory abilities and how they relate to activities that older adults are involved with every day. The goal is to better understand cognitive disorders in older adulthood and Parkinson’s disease, and to develop programs and assistive technologies to help maintain independent living.

Please consider being a participant in this important study! For more information, call (509) 335–4033 (Washington State University Cognitive Aging and Dementia Laboratory).

Awake Versus Asleep Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Study

Contact our office,(509) 458-7720, if you have an interest in deep brain stimulation. We’ll ask some questions to determine whether you qualify to be a candidate in our research trial for awake versus asleep DBS.