Advanced Neurophysiology Tests

Northwest Neurological offers patients advanced testing for neurological disorders. We practice the latest techniques and use the most current diagnostic tools to accurately determine causes and develop treatment plans.

For certain patients, specialized assessments are conducted as an extension of the neurological examination. These tests are also available without a corresponding neurological consultation.

EMG and Nerve Conduction Study

The Electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction test is used to diagnosis nerve and muscle disorders. Carpal tunnel syndrome, pinched nerves in the neck, nerve injury, and muscle disease may be causes for weakness and changes in sensation. This test has two parts.

The first part is the nerve conduction study. For this part of the test the nerve is stimulated with a low level of electricity to send a signal down the length of the nerve. This will enable the doctor to measure how fast the signal travels and the strength of the signal. A blockage of the nerve signal may suggest the site for nerve disease.

The EMG is the second part of the test. For this part a small needle the size of an acupuncture needle is inserted just below the surface of the skin. This allows the doctor to look and listen for muscle activity.

By combining the measurement of the nerve signal and muscle activity the doctor can best diagnosis the cause of symptoms and find the right treatment plan.