Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Preventive Services

Dr. Jeff Emery specializes in developing treatment protocols directed to reduce patients' risks of developing dementia, heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Using advanced diagnostics and his proactive experience in preventive medicine, he works with patients who are interested in attaining and maintaining their highest level of health. He identifies the risk factors that exist in individual patients which place them at risk for future disease. From this analysis, Dr. Emery devises a simple step-by-step process by which individual patients can significantly reduce, and in many cases eliminate, the influence of those risk factors on their present and future health.

View the Know Your Risk Video™ from the Cleveland HeartLab to learn about the benefits of inflammation testing. This test helps Dr. Emery come up with a more complete picture of your cardiovascular risk.

Get to know your ApoE genotype: the ApoE gene is the most common gene affecting cholesterol levels and determines how your body processes cholesterol and how it responds to dietary fat, alcohol and some medications. There are three different versions of the ApoE gene; read more to learn about the possible cardiovascular disease risks associated with certain genotypes.