Telemedicine for Neurological Disorders

Telemedicine is a rapidly evolving area of medicine. People living with neurological disorders may lack access to care due to difficulty with mobility, living in rural areas at far distances from specialty resources, and cost of travel and lack of access to assistance needed to travel over longer distances. Providers at Northwest Neurological are national leaders in improving access to care for patients living with neurological disorders. Currently telemedicine is offered at the following five sites in eastern Washington for follow-up visits to Northwest Neurological:

  • Chewelah: Providence St Joseph Hospital
  • Colville: Mt Carmel Hospital
  • Othello: Othello Community Hospital
  • Pullman: Pullman Regional Medical Center
  • Newport: Newport Hospital & Health Services

NWN Telemedicine Locations

During a telemedicine visit patients will connect with their healthcare providers through a secure internet connection from a local clinic directly to Northwest Neurological. The nature of the visit is identical to the routine clinic visit a patient would experience in person, except it occurs in a nearby location. These visits are covered by insurance and handled the same way as a regular clinic visit.

For patients who do not live by one of our regional telemedicine sites we offer in-home telemedicine through Hello Health, our electronic health record. A simple plugin web-cam or camera built into a desktop computer is all that is needed for this type of visit. For more information on in-home telemedicine as an option please contact the clinic for details.